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Waters Philippines

is a great opportunity equalizer.  Here, your success does not depend on your educational background or socioeconomic status.  We have removed all the barriers so you can succeed beyond your dreams. That BIG BREAK you’ve long been waiting for?  Waters Philippines is the answer.

Dr. Babe Moscardon 

(former bankrupt businesswoman), Cristina Santos (rice dealer) and Marites Bulatao (former sales lady) are waters Division Presidents who have been with Waters for more than 20 years. Take a peek at their 2-decade journey and witness why they stayed this long.


My Waters Story


Marites & Enrico Bulatao


An undergraduate and former sales lady, Marites Bulatao used to work long hours in exchange for small salary.  Her husband, Enrico, eventually went abroad in hopes for a greener pasture.  And while their finances got a little better, living apart was not a worthwhile sacrifice.  Watch how quitting their jobs and joining Waters full-time became one of their best life decisions.