Noah Ion Cell Cleanse

The next big thing in good health

What is the Noah Ion Cell Cleanse?

The Noah Ion Cell Cleanse is a breakthrough foot detoxification machine inspired from two Nobel Prize award-winning discoveries: the existence of water channels and ion channels in the human cell membrane.

Ions are generated through an array dipped into the water in the foot bath, creating an ion field. These ions, carried by water, enter the pores of the feet through osmosis. Inside the body, the ions enter cells and attach themselves to free radicals or toxins. The build-up of water in the body makes the water go out, taking the toxins along with them. These toxins are then attracted to the ion field surrounding the array and then solidify into a thick mass when outside of the body.

The pictures above show what happens during a Noah Ion Cell Cleanse detoxification session. By the end of the 30-minute session, the solidified toxins would become thick and visible!

The Differences Between Noah Ion Cell Cleanse vs. Plain Electrolysis

Water becomes slimy
After Detox
Water does not become slimy
Water becomes different in color for different people
Only produces brown or orange color in water
With solid substance
No solid substance in electrolysis
Water during detox has some odor coming from it
No water odor during electrolysis
Blood pressure is regulated in human body
Blood Pressure
No reaction to the blood pressure of a human body
Body feels better with pain relief
Pain Relief
No pain relief to human beings with electrolysis
Ion Cell Cleanse was inspired from two (2) Nobel Prize winning concepts
Electrolysis banned for use in advertising, as it only measures total dissolved solids or TDS

What do the colors in the water mean?

Color of the water

Area of the body / Toxins represented



Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate






Liver, tobacco, cellular debris





Dark green

Gall bladder


White foam

Lymphatic system


White, cheese-like particles

Yeast, digestive system


Black flecks

Heavy metals


Red flecks

Blood clot materials

Some DOs and DON’Ts


  • Use warm tap water for the foot bath.
  • Wear the wrist strap properly.
  • Feel free to make yourself comfortable, as long as you keep your feet in the foot bath with the array in it.
  • Eat something before using the machine if you have low blood sugar.
  • Drink lots of purified water to help the detoxification process (best with purified water from the Noah Bio Mineral Pot by Waters Philippines).

DON’T USE if you…

  • Operate the machine without reading the manual beforehand.
  • Have any mechanical devices inside your body (such as pacemakers or any other battery-operated electrical implant).
  • Are suffering from epilepsy.
  • Are currently undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy.
  • Are taking medication for some mental illness, or taking medication for heartbeat regulation.
  • Are taking prescription medication, Take medication at least six (6) hours after or before an Ion Cell Cleanse session.
  • Have metal objects in your body. Though not dangerous, persons having a metal joint implant may find exposure to the electromagnetic field generated by the Ion Cleanse to be uncomfortable. In cases of discomfort, stop using the machine immediately. And you may try lowering the Mode setting to a more comfortable level.
  • Are a Type 1 Diabetic person.
  • Have open wounds on your feet.
  • Are pregnant or lactating.
  • Are younger than 6 years old.
  • Have gone through an organ transplant operation.
  • Experiment with other liquids in the foot bath.
  • Plug in the array in other sockets.
  • Wear metal such as watches, using a computer or cellular phone during an Ion Cell Cleanse session.
  • Use the Noah Ion Cell Cleanse consecutively or for long periods (Recommended maximum duration must not exceed 30 minutes per session).
  • Pull the plug or the cords with wet hands, or place the Ion Cell Cleanse machine where it might fall into the water. Only the ionizing array can be dipped into the water.

Questions & Answers on Troubleshooting

Q1: While using the Noah Ion Cell Cleanse, my unit suddenly sounded an alarm. What happened?

A1: The Noah Ion Cell Cleanse has a safety alarm feature that beeps and instantly stops the therapy session if it detects abnormal settings. When the electricity value exceeds 2.5A, or if the voltage is too high, the unit stops and sounds an alarm to prevent any possible accident.

Q2: I added too much salt so the electricity level went above the normal value, making the unit beep and stop operation. How can I lower the electricity value?

A2: To lower the electricity value, simply add more warm water to dilute the water solution and decrease the salinity.

Q3: My Noah Ion Cell Cleanse does not seem to be working properly. Why didn’t the color of the water change? What happened?

A3: There are a number of possible causes for this:

  • a. The array has been used more than 40 times.
  • b. The estimated life of an array is approximately 30-40 uses, depending on the amount of toxicity of the person being detoxed. In accordance with one’s usage, the life of an array can go lower than 30 usages, or higher than 40 usages. To know that the array is still working, bubbles must come out of it when in use. The array may not produce bubbles due to the following factors:

    The plugs are not properly connected to the unit. Before using the Noah Ion Cell Cleanse, make sure that the wrist strap is properly attached to the unit and is correctly worn on the wrist, and that the array is firmly attached to the unit also.

    The water is too salty, thus making the Electricity level too high (the unit will display “E” on LCD for too much Electricity or for too much Voltage). Pour more warm water to dilute the water solution to decrease the salinity. The fuse is broken. Replace the fuse and then check if the unit works normally again.

    The Noah Ion Cell Cleanse unit had been overused. To prolong the lifespan of this modern detoxification device, it must also take a short break or rest, at least thirty (30) minutes after four (4) sessions, so that the transformer inside the unit will not overheat quickly. For one whole day, it is advised to use the unit not more than fourteen (14) sessions.

    The Noah Ion Cell Cleanse unit may need some minor repair. Contact your distributor about the problem, or contact Waters Philippines through the contact numbers provided.

Maintenance for the Noah Ion Cell Cleanse Unit

Follow these simple steps to clean the Noah Ion Cell Cleanse Array:

After an Ion Cell Cleanse session, dip the array into a small basin of   water and then lift it to let the water seep out through the holes.

Repeat step 1 until no discolorations come out of the array anymore.

Some things to remember about the array:

Do not dip the array into water for more than five (5) minutes when not in use, to avoid damaging it and to prolong its lifespan.

Do not forcibly shake or swing the array when cleaning it. This may damage the wires inside, causing malfunction and faulty/weak connection to the Noah Ion Cell Cleanse unit, thus reducing the array’s lifespan.

To prolong the life of an array, it is recommended to use two or more arrays alternately. It is advised to always use dry array, and to keep the array dry immediately after each usage. It is suggested to use a hair dryer at its weakest setting for this purpose.

How to change the fuse:

Using a screwdriver, rotate counter-clockwise (towards the left) to open the fuse cover.

Remove the broken fuse and replace it.

Return the fuse cover and then screw clockwise (towards the right) to close.