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Growing with Waters by Josiah Go

(Speech delivered during the National Convention of Waters PH on Feb 16, 2019)

24 years ago, we started Waters not just as a pioneer in home water purification but also a pioneer of MLM in the Philippines. That time, Amway and Herbalife were not yet operating in the Philippines, and a multinational knock-on-your-door company was selling water purifiers with branches nationwide. We were courageous in introducing both a new product category (mineral pot) as well as a new selling system (MLM). We knew MLM was the way to go because of 4 signs:

  1. More women were working, hence, it would be harder and harder to find them at home.

  2. More condominiums would be expected as economy improves and land becomes limited.

  3. Peace and order situation will make household members wary of welcoming strangers to their homes.

  4. Consumer research pointed that contrary to making comparison shopping, they remove this stage when they are buying from one they trust, like a friend or relative.

We had to educate the market on both the need for a home water purifier and the need of utilizing the MLM system. It was not easy but we persisted because of our mission of building dreams and changing lives of people.

Admittedly, we made many mistakes in the beginning because we didnt have adequate experience. At one time or another, sales was low and collection was even lower, but our fighting spirit was high and we kept pivoting and improving, and kept learning wanting to be the best in the field. Along the way, when we became more successful, imitators and wannabes came in, and over 50 water purifier competitors entered this new market space, but with God’s grace, almost all of them closed shop and only a handful are still in operation today. They kept harping on their compensation plan as their compelling reason to sell and recruit without realizing the importance of having a real good product like the Waters Bio Mineral Pot to create a compelling reason to buy.

Aside from a great product and a great MLM system, a third leg of our success was our installment plan. When we started our pre test, we were actually selling Waters on cash basis only but launched our installment program 6 months after. The installment was limited to trade accounts only for distributors with checking account. Years after, we expanded to include installment directly to end users, and expanded further to include those without checking account. The introduction of our innovation worked as we offered installment in an MLM setting when all companies limit themselves to cash terms. The strategy of offering different prices corresponding to different terms that suit the needs of the customers made a difference and allowed middle class families to own a quality home water purifiers, consistent with our vision of seeing a Waters in every home.

Other than product, MLM system and installment, a fourth leg of our success has been our training. We have a wide range of training programs, and many of these trainings, I take time to facilitate myself. Modesty aside, I have a name in the marketing industry and during these trainings, i get to know and engage with Waters distributors first hand. So hand-in-hand with training is their direct access engaging me in conversation. Many new group manager ranked distributors of other companies have not even talk to the CEO of their company. Two weeks ago, we even launched our webinar, where seminars can now be shown nationwide simultaneously online without provincial distributors having to travel long hours, the time they saved they can use to make a few more prospecting calls. Imagine every distributor who will use the time saved to make more prospecting calls or engage with their downlines, more productivity can be expected and more families converted to have better health with our Waters and Noah Ion Cell Cleanse.

A sixth leg of our success has been the people. Imagine we have distributors who have been with us for over two decades and are still doing well today. They are the stalwarts of Waters Philippines, without the likes of Dr. Babes Moscardon, Cristy Santos, and Tess Bulatao, who joined as newcomers to a relatively new company then, Waters Philippines would not be a success. They have remained humble, loyal and selfless in sharing their knowledge and experience with others. They have been joined with younger set of division directors who represent the future of Waters Philippines. To all our distributors, new or old, we are eternally grateful.

Our story can be your story, the story of a struggling newcomer who persisted, who kept learning and who refused to give up, deciding to stand up each time you fell down, in the process becoming the expert in the field, building an advantage on top of another, eventually creating a cluster of advantages. Failure was never an option. We have always been very focus and single minded.

What we learned through the years, we kept sharing. We knew what worked and what does not, and we were not afraid to give feedback, to tell the truth for the improvement of others. We want to

encourage curious minds, caring hearts, and showing kindness and generosity as a habit.

If there is a big lesson we learned, it is that personal growth has three signs.

  1. Do the right things right – this means you need to be conscious of what you should be doing as well as be aware of your blindspots and have the maturity to execute consistently.

  2. Avoid committing the same mistakes – experimentation can be good but humility is needed to admit some of the practices were wrong and need to be improved. Avoid committing the same mistakes is also to stop making excuses or blaming others for our inability to perform.

  3. Keep beating your personal best – surround yourself with positive people to help you play to win, improve your competencies, have self-leadership to handle adversity to be better version of yourself than before.

In the final analysis, personal growth is about self leadership and self regulation. In the context of our business, it is not just our own growth, our achievement, and our own glory, but the growth of people around us – our downlines, and our support group. It would be sad to see your life improving without the same to those who help made you attain your goals.

On our 24th anniversary, we are starting a count down towards our 25th anniversary next year. For the last 4 years, I have been preparing for my succession plan. My youngest son Calel has been exposed to work in different departments, he has also been asked to start his own business so he can understand entrepreneurship more effectively, I have requested Calel to share his message with you. You will find him likable and competent. The moment Four Seasons Hotel in the U.S hired him for a year and the moment he was nominated as employee of the month of this large company, even as a new employee, I already know he has great attitude and great work ethics. I knew he was a self-supporting employee while working in the U.S. but I was thrilled to know when his mother told me he worked two shifts many times, shared a room with four other people in a dorm, and returned the placement fee paid by his mother upon returning home, instead of keeping the money to himself. I see Calel and I tell myself I must have done something right as a father. In the future, I wish you can support Calel all-out the way you have supported me the last 24 years.

Congratulations to all our awardees. Thank you to all those who have contributed. Continue to build dreams and change lives, not just for ourselves, but of our many downlines as well. You may not know the impact of your actions to them right away, but you are helping change their future for the better. Guide them as management, and your uplines have shaped you to be who you are today.  And to those who are signing up today to join Waters, welcome to the Waters Philippines, where we turn ordinary people into extraordinary achievers.   

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